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  • Female Show

    A comedy TV show starring 2 Jordanian stars Tima Shomali and Rajae Qawas, in it's first season the show was about the life of a couple planning their wedding and the issues they go through to get married. This season the show depicts the life of a newly married couple and the day to day situations they go through

  • Fashion

    A selection of the latest bridal fashion shows from major designers including Pronovias, Louis Vuitton, Oscar de La Renta, Elie Saab, Monique Lhuillier, Vera Wang and others.

  • How To

    Easy do-it-yourself videos offering beauty tips, such as facial masks & makeup tutorial; hair styles; easy food & drinks recipes; and decorations such as flower arrangements and centerpieces.

  • Marry Me?

    Videos of marriage proposals; some are sweet and romantic; some are funny, while others are crazy and wild! If you’re looking for ideas to propose or just watching for fun, you are in the right place.

  • Wedding LOLs

    Weddings can be hilarious sometimes! Whether it’s on purpose or by mistake, couples can do crazy things at their weddings. Have a look and laugh out loud.

  • Wedding Movies

    A selection of movie trailers and scenes from TV shows that are all about weddings. Spend a romantic evening together watching a good movie. Watch the trailers here and decide.