Your Comprehensive COVID19 Wedding Guide

DJ Services for Weddings & Events

DJ Richie DXB
  • DJ services with console for 1 day: AED 2000 per day 
  • DJ services with console for 2 days: AED 1800 per day 
  • DJ services for 3 or more days: AED 1500 per day 


  • DJ services with 2 speakers on stands and a wireless microphone good enough for 50 to 100 people indoor and outdoor:
    • AED 2500 per day (for 1 day)
    • 2250 AED per day (for 2 days)
    • 2000 AED per day (for 3 days or more)


  • DJ services with 4 speakers on stands and a wireless microphone good enough for 100 to 200 people indoor and outdoor:  
    • AED 3000 per day (for 1 day)
    • AED 2700 per day (for 2 days)
    • AED 2400 per day (for 3 days or more)

Terms & Conditions:

  • Rates are inclusive of taxes 
  • An additional cost could be charged depending on event location and transportation requirements

About DJ Richie:

  • Freelance Professional DJ for all kinds of events such as weddings, private parties, exhibitions, corporate events, mall events, fashion shows, opening ceremony etc
  • Preparing Playlists
  • Using Laptops and other computer software to play and edit music live
  • Comprehensive knowledge of DJ equipment, lighting, speakers, lights & Decks
  • Can provide sound and lighting setups for all kinds of events across UAE
  • Possessing an extensive collection of the latest and most popular music CD’s
  • A keen personal interest in different genres of music
  • Can keep to a very tight timing schedule
  • Excellent knowledge of vinyl & CD turntables, microphones, amplifiers & Sound mixers

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