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helen Miller was inspired to start designing wedding gowns by my her grand mother Helen, who owned an atelier, making gowns for special events. She knew everything about fashion and how to create the right look for any event, going into painstaking detail to perfect every piece of clothing she touched. 

This inspiration stayed with Helen, "I dreamed all my life of the perfect wedding gown, but was frustrated with what I had to choose from. I wished there were more custom, quality and affordable options", said Helen Miller when she was looking for her own wedding dress.

"I worked for years exploring the wedding industry, talking to women about their wedding experiences, and visiting Wedding Fairs to learn everything I would need to make my dream come true. My gowns are designed for beauty and uniqueness. From idea and hand-drawn to the fitting, we do everything possible to make the process fun for our clients and the wedding day the happiest of her life. Today, I’m grateful beyond that my business is thriving, that I get to bring so much joy and beauty to so many people. And I can’t wait bring that same joy to you" said Helen Miller. 

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