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The St. Regis Almasa

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Outdoor Capacity: 4000 Indoor Capacity : 8005 Stars Hotel


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Description of venues and services:

  1. Charisma Ballroom: Host memorable events at the St. Regis Almasa’s pillar-free Charisma ballroom with its grand chandeliers, bright and elegant colors that harmonize with every design plan or theme.
  2. Chantel Ballroom: The versatile space of Chantel ballroom makes it easy for you to customize your event’s setup to accommodate up to 800 attendees, fit for business or social events.
  3. Turquoise Ballroom: Floor to-ceiling windows, Turquoise ballroom offers an aesthetic appeal and brings the exquisite outdoor views and bright daylight inside. Suitable for hosting the most glamorous events and gala dinners
  4. Serenity Garden: The garden unveils an extraordinary outdoor wedding venue and event space that surpasses all expectations. With its unmatched grandeur and versatility, this garden oasis sets the stage for un forgettable celebrations, capable of hosting events of up to 4000 guests. The meticulously designed event space showcases a seamless blend of elegance and natural beauty, creating a picturesque setting where dreams come to life.
  5. Florence Ballroom: Florence ballroom is a captivating venue that exudes elegance and sophistication. Ideal for weddings and events, this exquisite ballroom can accommodate up to 300 guests, providing an intimate yet grand setting for unforgettable celebrations.
  6. Pillars: The fountain at the St. Regis New Capital, Cairo Hotel is a true masterpiece that captivates the senses. Situated in the heart of the hotel it serves as a stunning focal point, its capacity 200 radiating elegance and charm. With its graceful design and melodious water features its perfect for wedding venue. The interplay of light and water mesmerizes guests, evoking a sense of awe and wonder. Whether you find yourself gazing at its beauty during a leisurely stroll or enjoying a moment of reflection, the fountain at the St. Regis New Capital, CairoHotel offers a true sanctuary for the soul.


Personalized Luxury

 A St. Regis wedding offers an incomparable level of service for flawless festivities. From your first site visit to the day of your ceremony, your wedding is carefully choreographed by our anticipatory St. Regis Wedding Specialists and customized to your every desire. Unparalleled Expertise Our dedicated team of Wedding Specialists offers a seamless service and meticulous attention to detail. Their expertise ensures preferred access to esteemed floral artists, renowned photographers, and local partners.

Exquisite Details

 Offers an unobstructed event space with magnificent wood features, elegant arches, crystal chandeliers, and high ceilings suites every event setup.

The Art of Catering

 Allow us to curate an exquisite menu personally tailored to your taste and to your occasion. Each dish is freshly prepared, expertly plated and graciously served by our talented team of culinary hosts.

Suites and Guestrooms

From the moment you check in to the conclusion of your celebrations, our generously appointed suites and guestrooms make every minute of your stay exquisite.

Unforgettable Stays

Should you wish to arrange overnight accommodations for your guests, it will be our pleasure to reserve a special room allocation with a preferred rate, based on availability.

Signature Services

Your wedding is a singular occasion reflecting the distinct tastes of yourself and your loved one. Every detail of the ceremony can be customized to your unique preference, creating a personalized celebration and a memorable experience for your guests.

The St. Regis Butler

Our signature Butler Service is available for every couple, lending anticipatory service and seamless ease to your celebration

St. Regis Rituals

For an elegant addition to your ceremony, our Signature Rituals, such as Midnight Suppers, Caroline’s 400, Champagne sabering, and Bloody Mary recipes, can be tailored as desired.

Wedding Specialist Services

With expertise in a wide variety of cultures, our dedicated St. Regis Wedding Specialists will ensure that your treasured customs are upheld at all times throughout your ceremony. Our Wedding Specialists can also provide you with exclusive access to leading event planners, photographers, florists, and other local experts.


Experience tranquility and grandeur in every dimension at The St. Regis Almasa Hotel’s rooms and suites. Rich fabrics, classical interiors, and vibrant hues complement the epicurean escape. Introducing the brand’s signature, the butler service, immerse in a breathtaking interpretation of St. Regis’ hallmark of hospitality within the opulent hotel complex.

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