‘Marriage Comes First’ – Kuwait Campaign Encourages People to Get Married

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‘Marriage Comes First’ – Kuwait Campaign Encourages People to Get Married
Sat 05-05-2012

The Family Consultation Department of the Ministry of Justice is holding an awareness campaign titled ‘Marriage Comes First’. This campaign, which was published in the daily press, on street billboards and through social media, encourages people to get married saying it is a priority over studying, a job, a car, a project, hanging out, friends and travelling.

Most people don’t completely or partially agree with the idea of this campaign. “We don’t know the goals of this campaign. Its slogan is not logical. How will a young guy start a family and spend on it if he is not educated and does not have a job. I doubt that any family will give their daughter to an unemployed man. I think a man should be mature to get married rather than being very young, without experience, and finally get divorced fast. Maybe this campaign is addressed to those who are above 30, as these are in the age and are ready to do so. It’s difficult to deliver an advert with this topic (marriage) without telling more about it,” a 29-year-old single man, Yousef, told the Kuwait Times.

A 47-year-old wife and mother, Manal, thinks that marriage should not make us cancel all of the priorities in life. “We should have a balance in our life between all necessities. We aim to build a family, not hurry into marriage and forgot other things. I was dedicated to my children and house during the whole of the past 15 years. I never turned to my needs and what I want. And today I think I shouldn’t have given up my health completely. Now I’m tired physically. I didn’t attend any occasion or have any social life, and this was wrong. There should be balance in our priorities,” she stated.

“My daughter is not studying in the university, and I see she is much for getting married. But I don’t agree that she gets married and stops her studying. I think men today want an educated wife who is employed. Unfortunately I think that such a campaign attracts my children very much because they hate studying,” added Manal.

Newly married Fatma thinks that education comes first. “Marriage is important but not a priority. For me it comes in third place after studying and a job. I didn’t leave my studies to get married. Both can’t proceed as I will be busy with marriage and won’t continue studying. Studying and a job will make me ready for marriage. I can’t build a home if I’m not educated. On the other hand, I see marriage as a priority to shopping or travelling. This campaign is an awareness message to people to get married. This is the first time I hear about such a campaign,” she noted.

Men also don’t see this campaign as a priority. “Marriage is half of the religion. Lately guys care more about a car than marriage. Maybe at 30 they start thinking of marriage. Social media made them late in marriage, as it gave them easy access to have more relations. Men are afraid. They don’t want a traditional marriage. They want to choose their wife. It’s difficult to choose the right wife. A Kuwaiti wife has many demands. She wants an expensive car and so on. They don’t want any husband, as they have many conditions,” stressed single 28-year-old Salah.

“Today, demands are different. Those who have installments – how can they get married? Most girls want a complete man, which is not realistic. Before, women got married as they depended on men, but now she is independent and doesn’t need a husband. It’s not a priority or essential. Life has changed,” he added.

“Marriage is no longer a priority for men or women, but for me marriage is a priority at my age and now I’m ready for it. But it’s hard to choose a wife according to my requirements. Parental approval is important. I want a wife who will satisfy me and my family as well,” Salah added.

Source: Kuwait Times