100 Thousand Women Above Marriage Age in Jordan

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100 Thousand Women Above Marriage Age in Jordan
Mon 28-07-2014

The principal of the charitable society of chastity "Al Afaf", Mufeed Sarhan told Al Anbat newspaper that the delay in marriage in Jordan is increasing year after year, as men are now getting married by the age of 30 and women by the age of 28.

The reason for the delay is due to several factors, including the high cost of marriage and the dowry required by the girl's father, and the customs and traditions that play a role in delaying some marriages.

Some people refuse to marry  their daughter to a strange man who is not family or related to them, and also the spread of higher education also became one of the impediments to marriage, some people do not want to marry until after they finish their education.

Jordanian youth suffer from increasing prices and this is a big obstacle in the face of their hopes, as getting married means paying a fortune on the wedding and home.

Mufeed Sarhan also explained that this issue can be reduced by lowering the prices of dowries and not demanding a lot of things from the husband, he also stated that Al Afaf helps brides and grooms by planning mass weddings which doesn't cost them anything at all.