15 Year Old Saudi Girl Finally Gets Divorced from 90 Year Old Husband!

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15 Year Old Saudi Girl Finally Gets Divorced from 90 Year Old Husband!
Thu 10-01-2013

We have recently shared the story of the 15 year old saudi girl who hid from her 90 year old husband on the night of their wedding.

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The 15 year old girl got divorced 2 days after he married her and pushed her to shut herself up in her room before fleeing back to her family.

The Saudi Human Rights Commission said it had succeeded in divorcing the girl following talks with the tribes of the couples, adding that the bride had not slept with her husband. Its chairman Hadi Al Yami said Commission members had advised both parties to separate the couple on the grounds it is not a qualified marriage.

"She remained inside her room for two days before sneaking out and fleeing back to her family," the Saudi Arabic language daily Alhayat daily on Tuesday.

It quoted the man as saying he had paid SR65,000 dowry  for her Yemeni father, adding that her mother is Saudi.

"I feel that there is a conspiracy by her mother against me," he said on Tuesday. "I will go to court tomorrow and demand that her parents give me back my money."

Newspapers on Thursday did not make clear whether the unnamed man was given back the dowry money after the divorce.