233 Saudis Marry Jordanian Females in 5 Months

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233 Saudis Marry Jordanian Females in 5 Months
Sun 30-06-2013

The Head of Saudi affairs at the Saudi Embassy in Jordan, Saleh Bdewi confirmed that 233 Saudi men got married to Jordanian women during the first 5 months of this year.

While 23 Saudis married Syrians, and took them to live in Saudi Arabia after they got an official statement from the Interior Ministry to allow them to marry foreigners.

Bdewi also revealed that there are 59 Saudi families deserted in Jordan, and "Awaser" a Saudi association takes care of them. 

"The wife abandoned by her husband offers the embassy proof of her marriage to a Saudi and the children are also his, all the papers presented are verified, and when proved, we turn them to the Saudi Foreign Ministry, which coordinates with the Association of "Awaser", which adopts the family financially."