3D Printed Wedding Dresses Are About to Change The Face Of Bridal Fashion

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3D Printed Wedding Dresses Are About to Change The Face Of Bridal Fashion
Tue 17-03-2015

Most brides dream of their wedding dress to be hand sewn by designer couturiers, but one company in China is now making 3D printed bridal dresses.

Unveiled at the TCT + Personalize Asia exhibition Shanghai this weekend, the dresses have been created using advanced technologies and nylon powder, rather than silks, lace and chiffon.

But despite their less-than-luxury beginnings, the designers claim the dresses are soft to touch, comfortable to wear and durable too.

Created by Chinese 3D printing specialists Xuberance, who also make ties, hair pins, jewellery and home accessories using the technology, the dresses could signal fashion of the future.

Rather than the revered traditional dressmaking skills of Parisian couturiers, normally fantasised about by brides-to-be, these dresses are made using a process called selective laser sintering (SLS).

The dress 'fabric' is constructed by using lasers to fuse together the nylon powder, slowly building up the material in layers.

Each dress takes around one week to make, using advanced digital technologies and laser techniques, to fuse together nylon powders. The specialist process however, comes with a high price tag

Though details have been kept under wraps, a 3D printed wedding cake and sugar flowers were also on display at the exhibition. 

Source: Daily Mail