4 Egyptians Killed At Wedding

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4 Egyptians Killed At Wedding
Wed 23-10-2013

Thousands of Christians turned out for the funerals of 4 members of a family gunned down as they waited outside a Coptic church for a wedding in Egypt.

Fahmy Azer Abboud, 75, explained that his son, his wife's sister and two granddaughters, ages 8 and 12, were killed.

"They were pure angels," he said of his granddaughters, both named Mariam.

"They had the world's kindness inside them. They helped me and shared with me everything they had."

According to eyewitnesses, masked gunmen rode motorcycles past the church in the working-class district of Warraq around 9 p.m., just as 3 weddings were taking place.

"I came down to find the church hall a sea of blood," said Father Elia Labib, who was to preside over one of the weddings.

"This was clearly planned," said Labib, who added that Sunday is the most popular day for weddings at the church, meaning many revelers would be waiting and could be easily targeted.

Mourners on Monday carried large crosses into the church for the funeral. A light green chair stained with blood still sat at the building's entrance, a bullet hole in the back. Abboud's sister-in-law was in the chair when shot.

The Muslim Brotherhood as well as the top cleric at the Al-Azhar mosque, the world's highest seat of Sunni Islamic learning, also condemned the violence though Christians doubt their sincerity.