50 Palestinians Couples Marry in Mass Wedding in Istanbul

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50 Palestinians Couples Marry in Mass Wedding in Istanbul
Thu 17-12-2015

50 Palestinian couples got married at a mass wedding ceremony in Istanbul on Friday night.

With some grooms catching only a brief glimpse of their far away wives on the internet.

Mohammed Abu Taqiya, 26, was one such young Palestinian groom who saw his wife just for a few moments over Skype on his wedding night."My wife could not come to her own wedding because she is in Gaza behind the closed border gates," Taqiya said.

The young husband and wife now pray every moment that Gaza's Rafah border crossing gate reopens soon.

There were several other young men like Taqiya and Selmi who shared similar woeful tales on a night which was supposed to be their happiest moments of their lives.

While technology came to the rescue in such bleak moments as bride and groom's families participated in the ceremonies through internet video call conference apps such as Skype, many still missed the physical presence of their loved ones.

Because of the impossible border situation, especially for Palestinians living in Gaza, it was not uncommon to hear at the event about a groom meeting his bride's father for the first time at the wedding ceremony itself.

The mass wedding event was organized by Turkey's Mehir Foundation and the Association of Palestinian Scholars. Each couple was also given a present of 15,000 Turkish liras to start their new lives.The couples were thankful for the mass wedding event, emphasizing that without the help of such organizations, their dreams of marital bliss would have remained unfulfilled.The mass wedding ceremony event included dancing and some good food. Two little Palestinian girls also read out their poems in Turkish to soothe the aching hearts and make them forget about their pain in their moments of joy.

Source:Daily Sabah