55% Of Married Moroccan Women Suffer Domestic Violence

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55% Of Married Moroccan Women Suffer Domestic Violence
Wed 02-12-2015

According to a national survey conducted by the High Commission for Planning (HCP), more than half of married women in Morocco have been victims of at least one act of domestic violence inflicted either by their partners or other family members.

According to the survey on the prevalence of violence against women, in 2009, 3.7 million married females in Morocco (%55) suffered domestic abuse by their husbands.

The study also revealed that %13.5 of women aged 18-64 have been victims of violence inflicted by a family member, totaling 1.3 million females.

Domestic violence in urban areas reached %56.1 against %53.3 in rural areas. Meanwhile, family violence in urban areas reached %14.3 against %12.3 in rural areas.

In regards to the types of domestic violence, the study revealed that in the conjugal environment, the most prevalent form of abuse was psychological violence (%38.7), followed by infringement of individual liberties (%30.3), and insults/verbal humiliation (%22.4).

Threats of aggression and physical abuse ranked %6.6 and %5.7, respectively.

In regards to family violence, the most common form was emotional abuse at %10.3, and verbal humiliation at %6.1.

On the other hand, most women who suffered domestic violence within the family setting were women aged 30 (%69.8) from urban areas (%63.1).

Source:Morocco World News