88 Year Old Couple Marries for the First Time

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88 Year Old Couple Marries for the First Time
Fri 18-01-2013

An 88 year old couple got married at their old retirement resident after they met in 6 months.

The 88 year old bride said she gave up thinking about marriage until she moved into a Pennsylvania retirement home in 2011 and Walter Lowman, a 78-year-old widower, sat next to her at dinner one night.

She said it was love at first sight, and from then on, they talked every night at dinner. After six months, he popped the question.

"I told him I'd have to think about it," She told Yahoo! But the next day, she agreed, reasoning, "Why not? I'll have a new friend."

They still live in separate rooms, but he said they go back and forth between them often. She said she enjoys having a family after being alone for so long, and his son and daughter are both supportive of their father's new marriage.

"I could tell she was just a great person and loved my dad, and he loved her," said Mellissa Lowman Callaway, Lowman's daughter. "They‘re great for each other."