A 98 Year Old Husband and Wife Recreates Their Wedding Day 70 Years Later

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A 98 Year Old Husband and Wife Recreates Their Wedding Day 70 Years Later
Thu 03-12-2015

70  years after their wedding day on November 24, 1945, Cao Yuehua and and Wang Deyi returned to the park in Southwest China where they became husband and wife.

With help from their four children, the couple marked the momentous occasion by recreating their wedding photo taken seven decades ago, complete with a similar gown, tuxedo and flowers.

The couple also recreated their wedding photo on their 60th anniversary in 2005.

"They have been together for so long, going through the war, the political turmoil and diseases, and can still stay with each other and love each other," the couple's son Cao Pangpei, 60, toldCNN. "We want to help them to commemorate their love."

Yuehua and Deyi met at university in 1943, when he asked her for a dance at a university ball. The couple fell in love at first sight, their son said, but their blossoming relationship was interrupted when Yuehua was sent to India to act as an interpreter during WWII.


His departure was so sudden, he didn't have time to say goodbye to Deyi in person, but they kept in touch via military mail. After the war in Asia ended in 1945, Yuehua proposed to Deyi at the railway station where they were reunited.

"They have been with each other for so long and the love never faded. Their relationship is so strong that even in the darkest time during the Cultural Revolution, when my dad was segregated for trial because of his service for the U.S. Army, they trusted each other and supported each other to get over the adversities," their son said. ""My parents are 98 this year. Nowadays, they can barely remember many things in their life, but they can recite the love poems they wrote to each other during the wartime."

Source: Mashable