The Abaya Revolution in Dubai

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The Abaya Revolution in Dubai
Mon 23-07-2012

The abaya has been revolutionized in recent years, thanks to a growing number of fashion conscious Arab designers.
The garment is now increasingly regarded as a garment of high design. Emirati designer Huda N, who runs edgy abaya label Malaak, is one woman at the forefront of the industry. She explains that while patterns and cuts may change, it’s always important to remember the purpose of the garment.

Huda N says she was able to update the abaya without straying from its traditional function by focusing on silhouettes and shoulder accessories. "This season I’m bringing in high shoulder pads to change the silhouette and make it more modern and contemporary. It’s really refreshing the style."
Huda N also produces a ready-to-wear line that includes spike-shouldered blazers and harem pants.