In Abu Dhabi Females Live Longer than Males

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In Abu Dhabi Females Live Longer than Males
Sun 03-03-2013

Official figures show that female citizens live longer than male citizens in Abu Dhabi.

The average life expectancy in Abu Dhabi is 77.6 Years, and according to Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD) data, average life expectancy of male citizens was 77.1 years as compared to 78.2 years for females in 2011.

Data also showed that average life expectancy in Al Ain and Al Gharbia region was higher than Abu Dhabi.

The SCAD report said: "Detailed by region, life expectancy was 77.5 years in Abu Dhabi, 77.9 years in Al Ain and 79.5 years in Al Gharbia region."

As the report further elaborates, life expectancy for citizens was 76.5 years overall, 75.6 years for males and 77.5 years for females, indicating that female citizens are likely to outlive male citizens by approximately two years.