Abu Dhabi Street is New Hub for Wedding Services

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Abu Dhabi Street is New Hub for Wedding Services
Sun 31-03-2013

A row of stores all related to wedding services line the Hazza Bin Zayed Street of Abu Dhabi, confectionery shops, a shop offering tent installation, a photographer and a number of colorful event organizers.

From setting up a stage for a grand Arabian wedding to flowers and simple cards for guests, the outlets located along Hazza Bin Zayed Street, popularly known as Defence Road, offer everything needed to organise the ceremony of your dreams.

Abdullah Suweidan, a 35 year old Emirati, said he had come straight to the area in search of wedding-related services for his sister.
"She is getting married in May and we have already booked a wedding hall. But we still need to sort out the floral arrangements, bouquets, music and photographers. All my friends who have recently been married in Abu Dhabi told me about the range of services available here so I am looking around now," he said.

"I have been providing wedding planning and organisation for nearly 14 years in the capital. My outlet was situated in Mussafah but when I started looking for a new location, I found that this place has come to be known informally as the ‘wedding services market’", said Baker Taha, 38, owner of Prestige Events.

Khaldoun Alawneh, 45, owner of Wedding R Us, a 30 square metre outlet outfitted in purple and white and with hundreds of elegant sample cards on display, said business is usually booming after Ramadan and during the winter.

"About 20 people come to our store during the peak seasons, looking for everything from just invitation cards to the whole works," he said.

In addition to wedding planners, other related services are also available in the area, such as Al Badiya Tents. Umar Adawi, the store’s owner, said that the shop sees about 50 customers a month, mainly for traditional Emirati weddings.

There is also Our’juwan, a store offering professional photography and videography, owned by Lebanese photographer Michael Hawilah.
"We receive the most number of wedding-related requests right after Ramadan each year," he said.
"It is true that people looking to arrange a wedding come directly here, which gives us a steady customer base. But it also means that we have to be very competitively priced, otherwise, we could lose our clients to other stores in the area," Hawilah said.