Afghan Rug Maker Weaves Rug as a Royal Wedding Tribute

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Afghan Rug Maker Weaves Rug as a Royal Wedding Tribute
Tue 11-06-2013

Even Afghanistan was hit by the royal wedding fever!

An Afghani rug maker has weaved a rug with Prince William and Kate Middleton's figures on it.

"I watched it on the television, and thought I would put it on a carpet," said Abdullah Turkmen, a businessman from the northern Andkhoi region.

"None of us moved the whole time," he remembered. "It was such a beautiful ceremony."

The next year Turkmen persuaded Afghan Schools Trust, a UK charity, to fund the first school in his impoverished home village of Qorgan, built by the community on land that each family contributed $4 to buy.

When it was done, he asked the charity's founders for a printout of the official wedding photo to create a tribute and thank you. "I told my wife: 'Try to make the carpet better to broadcast the name of the school all over the world,'" Turkmen said.

The rug includes an intricate recreation in Afghan wool of the sheer lace on the bride's arms and shoulders, her delicate bouquet and even the shiny buttons on the groom's military uniform.

The carpet, which would be worth thousands of pounds if it were for sale, is now headed for Kensington Palace with the founders of Afghan Schools Trust, who plan to present it to the royal couple to fulfill the Turkmen family's hope of spreading the word about their village school.

"I don't think we will be able to personally deliver it ourselves but we have had a promise that it will reach them from someone there," said Godfrey Smith, who has been helping to build schools in Afghanistan for more than a decade. Graduates from the first ones, in areas where less than a quarter of adults could read, are now at universities in Afghanistan, India and even Italy.