Ahlam Reveals Her Husband Always Makes Her Cry

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Ahlam Reveals Her Husband Always Makes Her Cry
Thu 12-02-2015

Emirati singer Ahlam revealed she doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day, explaining she celebrates her love to her husband Mubarak Al Hajiri every day.

Ahlam explained that she is happily married to Mubarak, and that they always respect each other's space and try to keep their relationship exciting.

One of the romantic surprises Mubarak planned for Ahlam was a trip to Paris for her to relax after shooting Arab Idol.

And she always cries whenever he surprises her with a trip, a present, or even a bouquet of flowers.

Mubarak himself is shocked when he sees her crying, saying that whoever sees her would think she never traveled before, but she later explains that its his gesture and thoughtfulness that make her emotional.