Ahmad El Feshawy Divorces for the 4th Time

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Ahmad El Feshawy Divorces for the 4th Time
Tue 30-09-2014

Egyptian celebrity Ahmad El Feshawy has been through a rough journey regarding his love life.

Ahmad El Feshawy went through his marriage and divorce from Hind Al Hanawy in public. He soon got married to Wisam Atef, but the marriage ended after 40 days.

Ahmad then went to Germany with his mother who was getting treatments there, and met Denise Willman, who he soon married to later announce his divorce.

His last marriage was to Lebanese TV figure, Rula Al Dibs, who decided to wear the hijab after she married him, but unfortunately this marriage did not go well either, as the couple recently announced their divorce, and Rula went back to the UAE where she used to live before she married Ahmad El Feshawy.