Ahmad Ezz and Angham's Divorce Papers Revealed

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Ahmad Ezz and Angham's Divorce Papers Revealed
Sat 08-11-2014

Now that the world found out that Egyptian actor Ahmed Ezz was actually married to Egyptian singer Angham.

A marriage contract proving the pair got got married meant a certain victory for Egyptian actress Zeina, who's trying to prove that Ezz had married her in secret as well!

Ezz's lawyer shared the pictures of Ahmad Ezz and Angham's divorce papers, and he confirmed the authenticity of the papers, which show that the divorce took place in January 2012, only a mere 6 months after they had tied the knot.

According to Laha Magazine, the divorce papers were released upon request from Angham herself. Turns out the two had kept their marriage a secret, at the time, because it would have affected Angham's custody status of her children from her previous husband.

The papers also revealed that Angham gave up all her rights to any financial alimony from Ahmad Ezz.