Ahmad Ezz' Lawyer Talks About Zeina on TV Show

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Ahmad Ezz' Lawyer Talks About Zeina on TV Show
Thu 27-03-2014

In a telephone interview with TV’s “Sada Al Balad” (The Town’s Echo), Ahmad Ezz’s lawyer, Murtada Mansour, publicly humiliated Zeina after discussing her alleged secret marriage to his client, and the twins whom she claims are his as well.

In the interview, Mansour told the show’s host, Rola Kharsa: "What do we call a girl in Egypt who gets pregnant by a man and claims to be secretly married to him?"

According to Sayidaty.net, the Egyptian actor’s lawyer then said: "Who is Zeina anyway for you to be asking me about her? There are far more important issues to be discussed. Zeina should go on the search for the father of her children."

In related news, Zeina’s sister, Nisreen, testified against Ahmad Ezz in court last week. According to youm7, Nisreen told the court that after finding out Zeina was pregnant, she headed to Ahmad Ezz’s flat with her sister to convince him to make their marriage public.

She added that Ahmad Ezz had brought a doctor around to his flat, where he attempted to convince Zeina to have an abortion.

"That same day, Ahmad Ezz offered Zeina some juice, but I advised her against drinking it in case he had slipped diluted abortion pills in it. A fight broke out between the two afterwards," Nisreen said.

Nisreen added that she had travelled to the US with Zeina where she gave birth to the twins, and returned to Egypt two weeks later.

Zeina presented the court with letters she’d sent to Ahmed’s brother, where she had asked him to act as the Middle Man by convincing Ahmad Ezz of admitting the twins are his. Ahmad Ezz’s brother responded by telling Zeina to ask Ahmad Ezz for a DNA test.