Ahmad Ezz Missed DNA Test Again

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Ahmad Ezz Missed DNA Test Again
Sat 03-01-2015

The judge had finally ordered Ahmad Ezz to undergo a DNA test to determine whether or not he is the father of Zeina's twins.

It took six hearings in the court battle between the two Egyptian actors before this measure was taken, but clearly it's still not progressing the case because Ahmad was absent once again for the second time a testing date was specified.

Zeina was reportedly present. According to Laha magazine, she abided by the court order and had the DNA testing done on her twins for a second time on the specified date.

Ahmad's lawyer Murtada Mansour stressed that his client will not do the DNA test because he is not forced to do so and there is no actual evidence to prove that he was ever married to Zeina making it unnecessary to do it.