Ahmad Ezz Takes DNA Test

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Ahmad Ezz Takes DNA Test
Wed 05-11-2014

The Judge overseeing Egyptian actor and actress, Ahmad Ezz and Zeina's lawsuit oredered Ahmad Ezz to get a DNA test!

The test will prove once and for all whether Ahmad Ezz is Zeina's twins' biological father.

This is a big victory for Zeina, whose lawyer has aggressively insisted that Ahmad Ezz undergoes the test to end this drama once and for all.

According to Laha Magazine, Ahmad Ezz has not yet commented on the court's decision, but it's thought that he's in talks with his lawyer for an appeal against it.

Up until now, the court heard the testimony of Zeina's sister Eman, who was a witness at the signing of their marriage contract, as well as the testimony of two witnesses brought in by Ezz's lawyer, who both denied the marriage ever took place.

Zeina shared a photo from a Quran verse, and thanked all those who supported her.