Al Arabiyya Presenters Ruin Saudi Engagement

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Al Arabiyya Presenters Ruin Saudi Engagement
Thu 10-04-2014

An engagement party in Saudi Arabia was disrupted by two female presenters from the Saudi satellite TV news channel ‘Al Arabiyya’.

Suhair Al Qaisi and Christian Besri were the subject of a heated argument between two Saudi men at a party held to mark the engagement of their son and daughter.

During the party in the southern Saudi town of Baha, the fiance’s father kept searching for TV channels before settling on ‘Al Arabiyya’.

He then suddenly turned to ‘Al Arabiyya Al Hadath’, an offshoot of the main news channel.

Angered by his continuous talk about the TV set, the fiancee’s father said to the fiance’s father: “Have you made up your mind… which one… Suhair or Christian.”

According to Sada Arabic language newspaper, the fiance’s father was angered by that remark and the party was disrupted.

“The engagement was about to be canceled but it went ahead after the mediation by some guests at the party,” it said.

Source: Emirates 24/7