Ala Magazine:The Turkish Version of Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Elle with an Islamic Twist!

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Ala Magazine:The Turkish Version of Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Elle with an Islamic Twist!
Mon 07-05-2012

Âlâ Magazine was launched in Turkey on the 10th of June 2011 and is now becoming more popular than ever amongst Muslim women!

Âlâ pronounced "aa-laa" means "Superb" or "Excellent".

While the contents deal with fashion on one hand, on the other hand it deals with the specifics of Islamic attire. Volkan Atay and Burak Birer, the founders of the magazine which is a first in the industry, believe that the magazine is going to act as a bridge between hijab women and manufacturers.

The magazine includes interviews with hijab/modest attire company directors, designers, and special boutique owners, blog introductions, street photo shoots, style suggestions, color trends, current issues, and editorials. Photo shoots of looks put together by Fashion Editor Esra Seziş from hijab/modest clothing company collections can also be found in the magazine along with bride and groom shots from a photographer's point of view.




They have started with a team of 11. In addition to this, they are receiving outside support.

Now with a circulation of 20.000 this Turkish magazine is being compared to Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Elle magazines.

Âlâ’s editor in chief, Seyma Yol Kara, is less interested in the magazine’s critics than in the millions of head-scarved women who she says have long been "second-class citizens."


With clothing advice, interviews with successful Muslim women, articles on mental health, and photos of readers, Âlâ is aiming to give them a voice, says Ms. Yol Kara, who herself wears a head scarf.

"We are trying to bring new products and new options to women who wear head scarves and women in whose lives Islam plays an important role," she says. "I’m happy to be helping women who think like me."