Ali Jaber Talks About His Wife and How They Met

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Ali Jaber Talks About His Wife and How They Met
Wed 21-01-2015

Recently many divorce rumors are surrounding Ali Jaber and his wife.

Ali Jaber is a TV personality, journalist, Dean of the Mohamad Bin Rashed School for Communication at the American University in Dubai, as well as Group TV Director of MBC.

So Ali Jaber decided to put these rumors to sleep once and for all by sharing parts of an interview done with his wife Tamara.

Tamara explains that she got into the American University in Lebanon, and when she saw Ali Jaber pass by she instantly fell in love! And once she asked her friends who she is they explained that he is a professor at the university. Tamara decided to change her major and added the courses that Ali Jaber teaches.

Tamara also revealed she used to spend hours getting ready and come late to Ali's class and he was a very strict professor.

Once she was invited to attend a party with her friends, and when she entered she noticed her friends had left her a seat near Ali Jaber.

After the first semester passed by, they officially got engaged, and she had to move to another class so their relationship wouldn't affect his career and her studies.