Amal Alamuddin Wins Most Stylish Over Kate Middleton

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Amal Alamuddin Wins Most Stylish Over Kate Middleton
Fri 10-10-2014

Amal Alamuddin could end the Duchess of Cambridge's reign as the world's most stylish woman, according to the British press.

The human rights barrister with legs as long as her case list and a mane that matches her impressive CV, not only has exquisite style but also the world's most coveted handbags, the Mulberry Willow and now, recovered cocktail waitress addict George Clooney.

While the Clooney wedding party was winding down in Venice and the Duchess was busy preparing another maternity wardrobe, London's The Telegraph began beating the Alamuddin drum loudly.

"The Duchess of Cambridge and perky sister Pippa may have been feted by Tatler for possessing shing 'rich girl' tresses, but Lebanese Amal's thick, swishy hair is in a league (an Arab league) of its own," one report read .

"Finely boned as a thoroughbred, with shapely legs perfect for Prada, and arms toned from toting designer bags, Alamuddin is quite simply really rather ravishing. Her classic-with-a-playful-twist dress sense only adds to the allure, so much so that most of us were puzzled we'd never heard of her before she dated Gorgeous George, who previously showed a marked preference for rather more pneumatic types."

"She apparently topped a 2013 social media Tumblr poll of London's hottest barristers, although as an alumnus of Oxford with fluency in Arabic, French and English with a busy career, she has never courted publicity."

"But since the spotlight fell on her, sartorially speaking, she hasn't put a foot wrong. Every 2014 must-have has featured: brogues and metallics, a Balenciaga pink coat."

Like Kate Middleton, since news of her engagement to the Oscar-winning actor and passionate human rights advocate broke, a plethora of blogs have been established dedicated to documenting every outfit and accessory she wears.

Unlike the duchess, the 36-year-old isn't restricted by protocol and budgetary constraints. She favours techicolour flats over beige heels and doesn't mind the odd pop of distressed denim and neon, take for example when she wore a lime green rhinestone skull-printed T-shirt to her engagement party.

However, true style icon status was confirmed when her wedding gown made the cover of People, Hello!, New York Post and will soon lead numerous other tabloid and glossy magazines around the world, including Vogue, according to reports.

Source: SMH