Amal Arafa and Abdel Minem Amairi Get Divorced

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Amal Arafa and Abdel Minem Amairi Get Divorced
Wed 07-10-2015

Syrian actress Amal Arafa and her husband actor Abdel Minem Amairi have officially called it quits after 14 years of marriage.

The showbiz couple briefly separated back in 2013 before getting back together one week later. But looks like this time they've divorced for good, reported Al Bawaba Arabic.

Amairi announced the news on social media earlier this week saying, "After 14 years of love, joy, alienation, problems and struggles that resulted in two beautiful girls, Amal and I have officially ended our marriage."

Meanwhile, Amal confirmed the news, adding that she respects the father of her children Salma and Mariam, while assuring her fans that she will remain friends with Amairi, reported Al Quds Al Arabi.

Amal also told Laha Magazine in a phone call on the same subject, "I'l be fine, don't you worry about me."

Source: Al Bawaba