American Criminal to Get Married in Prison

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American Criminal to Get Married in Prison
Fri 21-11-2014

Charles Manson, the man who is convicted of murder is getting married to a woman who is less than half his age.

Charles Manson, an 80 year old mass murderer, has received a license to wed from prison! 

The tweets regarding Charles Manson’s upcoming wedding range from funny to serious but most people are baffled by this whole situation!

On November 7, a marriage license was issued to Charles and his visitor, Afton, also known as “Star”,  who is 26 years old, to wed, reports People.

Charles, who was convicted of conspiracy and murder, has been serving his prison sentence for the past 25 years, and will not be up for parole until 2027, at which time he would be at least 93 years old.