Amman One Of The Most Romantic Cities

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Amman One Of The Most Romantic Cities
Thu 16-02-2012

Landlopers has recently posted "Five Surprisingly Romantic Cities"!

Matt Long writes in his article: "Some cities you expect to be romantic; Paris has made billions of dollars on that premise alone. Other cities surprise you though with their ability to charm and to help create those special romantic moments between you and your loved one. Here are some of my favorite cities that may not sound romantic, but really are."

What are the five surprisingly romantic cities?

1.Istanbul: "One of my favorite romantic activities is to stroll around the Sultanahmet neighborhood, window shop a little before deciding on a cafe to spend the evening enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of this ancient town."

2.Prague: "While you won’t be alone, be sure to take a stroll along the Vltava river with Prague Castle looming nearby. I can’t think of a more romantic moment anywhere else in the world"

3.St.Michaels: "One of my favorite towns is St. Michaels, also home to the critically acclaimed hotel the Inn at Perry Cabin. The perfect romantic weekend here starts with one of the Inn’s generously appointed rooms overlooking the water, followed by aimless wandering past the quirky shops lining the main street. "

4.Amman: "The fact that 1) I knew nothing about Amman before visiting and 2) that I thought it’d be anything but romantic is a conceit of living in the U.S. Our media outlets, all of them, traditionally have not done a great job portraying the Middle East except in terms of war and aggression. At first Amman looks like a lot of other cities in the Middle East. It’s large, somewhat sprawling, and the buildings mostly blend in a blur of brown stone. I think it’s the people that transform this city, their warmth and hospitality make it hard not to love Amman almost immediately.

My favorite moment is atop the Citadel, the mountain in the middle of the city and the site of ruins from civilizations long gone. Standing there, the breeze gently blowing, smells of vendors wafting up and the call to prayer rebounding around the hills simultaneously; it may seem unlikely, but that moment is one of the most amazing and romantic you could ever have."

5.Franz Josef: "For the perfect romantic evening, start off with a stroll through the tiny town as the sun sets behind the glacier capped mountains. Wander over to the Glacier Hot Pools for a dip in a private, glacier spa and finish the evening with an intimate dinner at one of the several restaurants in town."