Amr Diab Gets Married to Italian Model

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Amr Diab Gets Married to Italian Model
Sat 27-04-2013

It looks like Amr Diab is facing some troubles with his Saudi wife Zena Ashour, as she found out he got married to an Italian model and had a baby with her!

Zena threatened her husband, Amr Diab, that she would leave the house and take the children with her, but Amr Diab refused that, especially that he will not accept his children to be taken away from him.

Amr Diab then decided it would be best if she left their home and went back to his old apartment, and has been delaying the divorce date for a while now.

According to some sources, Amr Diab's new wife is an Italian model named "Patty", and he met her while shooting for one of his clips!

Some of Amr Diab's close friends explained that he used to call to check up on her, and also used to travel just to meet her.