Amy Adams: Weddings Are Waste of Money

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Amy Adams: Weddings Are Waste of Money
Mon 01-10-2012

Actress Amy Adams, is engaged to Darren Le Gallo.
Amy told that she thinks that weddings are a waste of money: "Weddings are not a good value and I like good value. Still, I'd be disappointed if we didn't have one."

"I love my work but I'm becoming more successful at leaving it behind when I'm at home so my daughter feels I belong to her and not the world," she said.

She says Aviana hates seeing her go out to work and she wants to do more to put her family first, without leaving herself unfulfilled.

"I would like to focus more on spending time with my daughter. My idea was to work a lot when she was young and when she started to be more aware of what was going on, I'd do less."