Amy Schumer Crashes Wedding in Dublin

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Amy Schumer Crashes Wedding in Dublin
Wed 26-08-2015

After getting married 
in Dublin, Eithne McAdam and J.P. Swaine packed their guests off to Grogans pub across the road from where they’d wed while they posed for photos.

Little did they know that star-of-the moment Amy Schumer would be there, alongside Trainwreck director Judd Apatow, co-star Vanessa Bayer, and Irish singing legend (and Oscar winner) Glen Hansard.

J.P. and Eithne's friend Steve Cummins commented: “We saw Glen having a pint in 
the pub, then Judd came in,” Steve, 34, tells heat. “We were just saying that Amy Schumer 
was in town for Trainwreck, when a car pulled up and she got out. It was 
so random.”

And, as the couple joined the wedding guests, an unlikely sing-song began. “When they walked in, everyone clapped and cheered, including Amy,” says Steve. “Our mate was playing guitar at the wedding reception and asked Glen if he’d sing. Glen said yes, grabbed the guitar, and got Amy and the others to join in singing an Irish song, The Auld Triangle. Amy sang a verse – she was pretty good."

Source: Heat World