Angel Gown Campaign: Turns Wedding Dresses to Burial Gowns for Babies

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Angel Gown Campaign: Turns Wedding Dresses to Burial Gowns for Babies
Mon 31-03-2014

Lisa Grubbs is the founder of a special organization called NICU Helping Hands, which is an organization that helps families and their babies that are in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Many of these tiny babies never live long enough to make it home. Grubbs saw a need and wanted to do something special for those babies who do not survive so she started repurposing wedding dresses and sewing them into “angel gowns” for their burials.

Recently, Grubbs teamed up with a local television station (WFAA) for a four-day Angel Gown Campaign asking people in the Dallas, Fort Worth area to donate their wedding dresses, and the response was phenomenal, bringing in hundreds of dresses.

Every dress that was donated to the angel gown campaign came with its own unique story. One bride in particular loved her dress and hated to part with it, but as she handed it over and tears ran down her face, she said she knew, without a doubt, that this was her dress’ destiny.

Another woman donated her wedding dress, but before saying a final goodbye, she cut out a small section that could be handed down to her daughter so that one day when she grows up and is ready to get married, she will have a piece of her mother’s dress for her bouquet.

Families of the babies are hurting so badly from the loss of their little angels that Grubbs said she wants to help them in some small way, and what better way than making them a one of a kind angel gown to lay their precious angel to rest in.

Many other women volunteer as seamstresses and work alone in the privacy of their homes, each having their own reason for joining the cause. One lady sews angel gowns in memory of a son she lost shortly after birth more than thirty years ago.

By Donna W. Martin