Angelina Jolie Reveals She Had 2 Secret Weddings

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Angelina Jolie Reveals She Had 2 Secret Weddings
Mon 12-01-2015

Angelina Jolie has revealed that she was married to Brad Pitt long before their secret, intimate ceremony last summer.

"Before the wedding in France with the kids, Brad and I were already married in California," Angelina told Italian magazine Io Donna.

"As Americans, we couldn't marry legally in France."

And it seems they wanted to save all the grand gestures for their European wedding, with the 39-year-old revealing just how laid-back the official ceremony was.

"One day I said to Brad, 'Let's meet up at 4:30 pm?'" she said. "I called a justice of the peace and we signed the documents."

It was no secret that the couple had obtained a marriage license from a California judge, who then conducted the nondenominational civil ceremony in France, but it seems the couple wanted to keep this vital bit of information to themselves.

Five days after their French ceremony a representative for the pair released a statement announcing their surprise news. It read, "On Saturday, Aug. 23, in the presence of family and friends, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married in a small chapel in Chateau Miraval in France. It was a nondenominational civil ceremony. It was very much a family affair."