Angelina Jolie Wants to Be a Better Wife to Brad Pitt

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Angelina Jolie Wants to Be a Better Wife to Brad Pitt
Fri 28-11-2014

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were together for 10 years before saying "I do" this summer.

Angelina Jolie spoke about her relationship with Brad Pitt as husband and wife during an interview with "Today."

"It did change in just a feeling of that security and comfort that we always had but that recommitting after ten years of being together," she said.

"And we were fortunate enough to be in that unusual situation where we got married with our children and they were a part of the ceremony and they wrote some of the vows. It was all of us agreeing to be together and to just commit to this life together. Not because we had to, not because anything was missing, it was because we were absolutely sure we felt that much of a family and it was that moment.”

“I think we have more moments where I say, ‘I’m going to be a better wife. I’m going to learn to cook,’ and he says, ‘Oh honey, know what you’re good at, know what you’re not,'" the 39-year-old mother of six added. "But I do have my, 'No, no, no I’m going to get this wife thing down,’ but he knows my limitations and where I’m a good wife and a good mom.”