Angelina Jolie Wore Jeans to Her Wedding to Billy Bob in 2000

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Angelina Jolie Wore Jeans to Her Wedding to Billy Bob in 2000
Sat 21-03-2015

Dressed in jeans and a sleeveless top Angelina Jolie poses with her new husband Billy Bob Thornton on their wedding day in 2000.

The casual pair look more like they have just walked off a movie set to pose with a fan rather then tied the knot in what became one of Hollywood's most notorious marriages.

Fast forward to 2015 Angelina is seven-months into her marriage to Jennifer Aniston's ex-husband Brad Pitt and bringing up six children.

And it emerged last month that Billy Bob married his long-time girlfriend Connie Angland in October - just two months after Angelina and Brad got married, making it his sixth marriage. 

Showing off these exclusive photos on what would have been Angelina and Billy's 15th anniversary, Reverend Jim Hamilton, who married the couple, is praying the wild pair have settled down for good this time.

Speaking exclusively to, Rev Hamilton said: "I'm very happy for them that they've both happily married again. I am glad to hear Billy Bob has married again, of course everybody knew about Angelina and Brad. I was glad Angelina married Brad, I like Brad Pitt, his movies and he's a real decent human being and she is too."

"I hope they both have very long and happy marriages and congratulate them both. I hope this is the last one for both of them and they have found their true soulmates this time."

Angelina and Billy Bob eloped to Las Vegas on May 5, 2000 after a whirlwind two-month relationship.

Source: Daily Mail