Angry Bride Marries Wedding Guest On Wedding Day

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Angry Bride Marries Wedding Guest On Wedding Day
Fri 20-02-2015

An angry Indian bride refused to marry her groom on her wedding because she was shocked he had a seizure on the day of the wedding.

The groom and bride were about to make their marriage official at the ceremony when the ill groom had a seizure and fell to the ground.

The bride got angry because she didn't know her groom suffered from such seizures, and decided to marry a wedding guest, who turned out to be her brother-in-law's relative.

To everyone's shock, the guest agreed to marry her, and they continued the ceremony but with a new groom.

When the poor groom came back from the hospital he was shocked to see that his bride got married to someone else, and got into a fight with the family members, and the police had to come and end it.