Arab Celebrities Who Got Divorced in 2015

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Arab Celebrities Who Got Divorced in 2015
Thu 26-11-2015

Celebrity marriages and divorces are always the center of attention of the world!

Whether it is a rumor or true news, celebrities are always faced with divorce and breakup news.

In 2015, many Arab celebrities got married, while many other also got divorced.

So here are the top Arab celebrity divorces that took place in 2015:

Laila Olwi and Mansour Al Jamal's Divorce:

News of the divorce of Egyptian actress Laila Olwi and her husband has come out on February, although the actress did not comment about the divorce.

The divorce details were kept private.

Ruby and Sameh Abdulaziz's Divorce:

Singer and actress Ruby got divorced in October after 1 year of marriage, the divorce took place after 1 month of Ruby giving birth to their daughter.

The director explained that the couple was set to divorce for a long time but wanted to wait until their daughter was born.

Ghada Abdulrazeq and Mohammed Fouda's Divorce:

Actress Ghada Abdulrazeq announced her divorce to her husband, and explained it was due to family issues.

The actress also explained that she and her husband will remain good friends.

Although in 2012, Ghada spoke of her husband's affair and revealed he cheated on her.

Nelly Karim and Hany Abul Naja's Divorce:

Nelly Karim's divorce is the latest divorce among Arab celebrities now, recently Nelly shared a post with her fans and commented "I'm Free Now".

Her husband commented that he still respects his ex-wife and that they are now officially divorced.