Arab-Jewish Wedding Sets Off Firestorm of Criticism

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Arab-Jewish Wedding Sets Off Firestorm of Criticism
Sun 17-08-2014

An article in the Jerusalem Post has revealed that an Arab man and his Jewish-born bride felt compelled to hire 14 security guards for their wedding celebration in Israel, the result of a call by a Jewish anti-intermarriage group to hold a protest rally at the hall.

Mahmoud Mansour, a Muslim, and Morel Malka, who recently converted to Islam, reportedly are worried about their safety at the event in Rishon Lezion after the group, Lehava, posted photographs of their wedding invitation on social media and urged protesters to rally outside the hall with megaphones and banners.

Police said they will dispatch officers to the area to prevent any disturbance.

The couple is said to be already legally married, and the reception is merely a formal celebration.

The groom’s parents – as well as the bride’s mother – reportedly are in favor of the union.

Bentzi Gupstein, the chairman of the anti-intermarriage group Lehava, said that his group was particularly upset about the wedding because of this summer’s military tensions between Hamas and Israel. “We are still at war and she is marrying a member of the enemy,” he declared.

Mansour, a resident of Jaffa, is an Israeli citizen. Gupstein said he was also outraged that the wedding is taking place in Rishon Lezion, one of many cities that were hit by rockets from Gaza this summer. The bride’s father told Israel’s Channel 10 that he had no knowledge of the relationship until recently, and that he expects to boycott the wedding. “I never dreamed that my daughter would marry an Arab,” he remarked. “I’m not going, period.”

The banquet hall management disclosed that several people have called to criticize the hall for hosting the event, while others have made threats.

Source:JP Updates