Arabs Spend $5 Billion on Weddings Per Year

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Arabs Spend $5 Billion on Weddings Per Year
Sun 11-01-2015

Rania Al Marya, the expert in human development, says that Arabs spend almost $5 billion on weddings per year.

These numbers came after some research and survey that Rania worked on.

Rania was on a TV show hosted by Raghda Shalhoub, and explained that every bride and groom should set a budget and not follow every trend that comes up.

The brides should set their priorities, and know what they want to spend on.

Rania also explained that the parents usually deal with the wedding as a social event and want it to be very luxuious.

Rehab Al Maghribi, a wedding decor designer, explains that the wedding planners are responsible for every detail of the wedding even the honeymoon, so its their job to plan the wedding according to the couple's budget.