Are Amy Samir Ghanem and Hassan Raddad Getting Married?

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Are Amy Samir Ghanem and Hassan Raddad Getting Married?
Wed 14-10-2015

It seems that actor Samir Ghanem, father of actress Amy Samir Ghanem, has spilled the beans about his daughter and actor Hassan al-Raddad's engagement, Egypt Independent reports. 

Samir Ghanem told CBC on Wednesday that he "can feel the good intentions of both Raddad and Amy to get into a serious relationship" and hinted that they would be marrying soon.

Amy and Hassan have fiercely guarded their privacy and have spent almost a year denying all rumours of them being together.

Back in November of last year, Amy took to her Facebook account to say "Hello my friends, there is a circulating rumor that states I have gotten engaged, this is merely a rumor and please no one believe it. When I do get engaged I will invite you all to the big occasion," the star posted to her Facebook page. 

Three months later, Hassan was forced to issue a press release, slamming the media for always linking him to his co-stars.

Source: Albawaba