Are Beyonce and Jay Z Getting Divorced?

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Are Beyonce and Jay Z Getting Divorced?
Sat 31-05-2014

According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Beyonce and Jay Z may still be trying to pass off an illusion of having the perfect marriage, but the public’s starting to see the cracks in their relationship.

Solange‘s attack on Jay Z opened up the world to see a whole different side of Beyonce and her family.

While there may have been other circumstances involved in motivating Solange to attack Jay Z, the primary consensus seems to be that Solange saw Jay Z flirting with Rachel Roy.

In a fit of rage, and defending her sister, she clearly lost her cool and let Jay Z have it. But unfortunately, the whole world now knows that her sister’s marriage isn’t perfect, and what’s worse is that sources continue to claim that Rachel still has her sights set on Jay Z.

These sources add that Jay Z’s supposed attraction to Rachel poses a threat to his future with Beyonce, and although Beyonce’s trying her best to ban Rachel from ever meeting her husband again, it’s a lot easier said than done.

In the end, it’ll really be up to Jay Z on whether or not he’s willing to sacrifice his marriage for a fling with Rachel. There’s only so much Beyonce can try to prevent him from ever seeing Rachel again, but Jay Z’s decision will have to be made on his own terms, not his wife’s and not the public’s.

Source: Celebrity Dirty Laundry