Asala Gives Men and Women Advice After Ahmad Ezz and Zeina Scandal

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Asala Gives Men and Women Advice After Ahmad Ezz and Zeina Scandal
Sat 01-03-2014

Syrian superstar Asala Nasri has decided to give her opinion on the whole Ahmed Ezz-Zeina baby drama.

Asala told the world what she thinks of their situation on Twitter. She tweeted saying: “When there’s a particular dilemma that concerns me, even from afar and not just because we know those involved, we must be wise on how to judge the situation. For example, the drama between Zeina and Ahmad Ezz is none of my business, but it’s become a public one and I’m so furious over the twins’ condition. They’re the true victims in this whole saga.”

Asala continued: “Their story is very strange and there are numerous unclear facts. I have an opinion that I must share and it’s directed to all men and woman: Any girl must know that she is the queen of ethics and must not become weak in front of the man she loves. She must not allow him to degrade her by accepting to marry her in secret. She must be wise and always repeat the words ‘no to being weak and no to doing wrong,’ for love is like the sun and should be out in the open and announced to the world, because if we keep it hidden it will rot away and problems will arise. Love is a culture that we must learn more about and feel its beauty; it is respecting and giving trust to one another.”

Source: Albawaba