Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer's Wedding Is Taking The World By Storm!

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Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer's Wedding Is Taking The World By Storm!
Sun 16-08-2015

A western Sydney politician who raised the ire of police and many of his constituents with what he billed as "Australia's best wedding" this weekend has definitely put on a spread that won't soon be forgotten – but possibly for the wrong reasons.

No expense was spared for the marriage of Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer and his bride, Aysha, much to the irritation of the residents of Frances Street, Lidcombe, who were rather put out by the traffic-halting proceedings, which included a fleet of stretch limousines, a convoy of sports cars, four helicopters, and John Hopoate on security.

"To all the haters," Mr Mehajer, clearly unperturbed by the opinions of those who are refusing to recognise his status as a deadest legend, wrote on social media yesterday.

"Keep hating. I work hard. 100% legit."

While the deputy mayor's work ethic is not in question, Mr Mehajer may have provided "the haters" with an enduring source of fuel in the genuinely perplexing "pre-wedding" video screened at the event.

Watch the wedding video of Salim Mehajer here!

A weird video released, is a crossroads of reality TV and Hollywood blockbuster, the film tells an embellished version of the couple's courtship, but sadly, and in spite the obviously high production values – the "must watch" short never quite builds into a resonant narrative.

Bafflingly, the sharply-dressed Mr Mehajer wields a gun in one scene while the narrator says of the relationship, "he'll do anything to keep it."



Fantasy honour-killings aside, the real-life actions of Mr Mehajer, which included the distribution of pamphlets warning residents about the festivities, have rubbed police the wrong way and led to speculation that Mr Mehajer may have exploited his power as a ranking member of the NSW Liberal Party.

Police, who had to be called in to control the crowd, say they had no prior knowledge of the event, despite the pamphlet seemingly implying that there was some kind of official approval for the multi-million dollar event.

No word on whether Hoppa had to straighten out any of these blokes.

"We were never told, and as you can see it was out of control," Inspector Chris Laird told attendant media. 

"We'll be asking regional command to send the family the bill."

"He (Mr Mehajer) didn't call us," a police spokeswoman told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"We weren't there to make things easier for him."

Mr Mehajer, evidently a fairly self-assured individual, was none too fazed at the time.

"This is how you do a wedding," he told the media, presumably in a state of exhilaration following a jet flyover.

Source: News 9