Australian Woman Marries 600 Year Old Bridge in France

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Australian Woman Marries 600 Year Old Bridge in France
Mon 08-07-2013

An Australian artist married a French bridge! Jodi Rose, who records the vibrations of bridge cables for her “Singing Bridges” project, married Le Pont du Diable, a 600 year old bridge in Southern France, the wedding was held at the bridge’s entrance.

"He makes me feel connected to the earth and draws me to rest from my endless nomadic wanderings," Jodi Rose wrote on her blog, Bridgeland.

She went on to explain that her love for The Devil’s Bridge is "a symbolic affair, a pagan/animist view of the spiritual vibration in everything." Rose said the bridge understands that she loves other bridges and men.

"Ours is a love that embraces the vagaries of life, as materialized in the swirling currents of the river that flows beneath his magnificent body," she continued.

"This is why I am marrying the bridge. He is fixed, stable, rooted to the ground, while I am nomadic, transient, ever on the road."