Ayten Amer Opens Up About Her Marriage

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Ayten Amer Opens Up About Her Marriage
Tue 15-12-2015

Some rumors have been surrounding the Egyptian actress Ayten Amer.

The rumors claim that Ayten will not be continuing her career as an actress, but Ayten denied all the rumors.

The actress also explained that her husband Mohammed Ezz supports her and her career, and that she will be acting for many years to come.

Ayten also shared some marital tips for women which is to be very understanding and maintain common grounds with her husband, and to always be honest with her husband no matter what.

Ayten Amer also spoke about actress Zaina's law suit against Ahmad Ezz, and said she supports Zaina because she feels sorry for the children.

Ayten explained that the children are innocent and shouldn't suffer from their parents' bad decisions.