Bassem Youssef Shares Picture with Wife at The Emmy's

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Bassem Youssef Shares Picture with Wife at The Emmy's
Sat 28-11-2015

The 43rd International Emmy Awards were announced Monday night at a Gala event in the New York Hilton, attended by more than 1,000 international television professionals.

The awards were hosted by Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef.

“Television is a universal art form that transcends cultures, languages and borders,” said Bruce L. Paisner, International Academy president, according to a statement. “In light of recent terrible events, the International Academy is particularly proud to congratulate all of the winners — among which three from France — for shining a global spotlight on their cultural heritage with the Emmy.”

Bassem Youssef shared some pictures alongside his wife who looked beautiful in a black dress.

Source: Al Bawaba

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