Bath's First Mass Wedding

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Bath's First Mass Wedding
Sun 29-07-2012

Six happy couples have made history by getting married in what is believed to be the first mass wedding in the UK.
What is strange about this wedding is that none of the couples had met each other before the ceremony.
The event was organised to mark the 175th anniversary of the start of civil marriage registration in England and Wales and the 25th anniversary of Bath being declared a world heritage site.
The date was also chosen to coincide with the start of the Olympic Games.

Delighted bride Gail Ash, 48, said marrying her partner, Dale Patton, 43, with 10 other people was "absolutely beautiful".
She said: "We were a bit apprehensive about it at first but it all came together beautifully."
The chairman of the council, Rob Appleyard, said it had gone smoothly, adding: "I'm delighted that Bath has been able to host such a special event, it really is something very special."
A spokesperson for the General Register Office said: "We have never heard of any other ceremony in Britain where six couples have wed together."